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Job responsibilities:

1、Combined with brand goals, responsible for the planning and design of live broadcast programs, and formulating live broadcast strategies based on user needs and communication planning

2、Responsible for the enrichment and improvement of live content, optimize live content and improve the overall content quality

3、Explore new live broadcast content and forms, create live broadcast differentiation and highlights.


Job requirements:

1Professional knowledge and skill requirements:

Proficient in the rules and skills of major live broadcast platforms;

Has a rich live content strategy and is good at multi-channel and multi-platform promotion methods;

Good at tapping the user mindset of the live broadcast audience, and sensitive to the performance of live broadcast content;

2Work experience requirements:

After 90, those with relevant experience of anchor or TV shopping host are preferred;

More than 3 years of work experience in live broadcast related industries, familiar with e-commerce live broadcast and conversion, etc.

3Competency requirements:

Love the live broadcast industry; strong execution and good logical thinking ability.